About us

PhysioFocus Orthopedic and Sports Therapy LLC, in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in providing top-quality physical therapy and treatment.

Our Physical Therapist owned-and-operated office provides the highest standards of health and wellness to improve the lives of our clients and friends.  Drawing on over 20 years of experience, our highly qualified team of physical therapists are certified in the latest techniques and treatments to provide outstanding quality care.

The PhysioFocus Orthopedic and Sports Therapy team has partnered with Ivy Rehab in their joint mission to offer more services and an exceptional patient experience. The same caring staff at PhysioFocus will continue offering the same great service their patients have come to expect, with individualized care, advanced treatment techniques and clinical excellence in a comfortable setting. Read more about it here: www.Ivyrehab.com/PhysioFocus

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