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Get Your Cool Down!

For optimal health and fitness results, it is highly encouraged to cool down and stretch immediately post-workout.  This is the best time to do all your favorite static stretches.  As mentioned a few weeks ago, static stretching can reduce strength, power and explosive performance if done prior to a workout.  However, after a workout, blood flow and vascularity to...
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For The Love of the Squat

I hear a lot of patients mention that “they haven’t done a squat in years” or “squats are terrible for knees”, along with many other fears and negativities associated to a squat. In reality, the squat is a functional movement pattern that humans have performed since being toddlers. As we grow older, the squat...
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Proper Warm up

Summer has arrived and whether you are taking your workouts outside to the pavement or keeping cool in the gym, a proper warm up routine is always crucial. As mileage increases, so does stress on the body. Warming up improves overall joint mobility, relieves stiffness and helps prevent injuries from repetitive stress. It...
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