Standing Posture

You petitioned your boss to get a standing desk at work. Awesome! Long gone are the days where you are confined to the chair that you have been sitting in for so long that the cushion has molded to your rear end. Freedom! You are now the envy of your workplace as you tower above...
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Sitting Posture

More and more people are finding themselves in jobs that involve sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. It’s not uncommon to head home at the end of a long work day and find that your back and neck are stiff and achy. This problem gets magnified as the week drags...
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Get Your Cool Down!

For optimal health and fitness results, it is highly encouraged to cool down and stretch immediately post-workout.  This is the best time to do all your favorite static stretches.  As mentioned a few weeks ago, static stretching can reduce strength, power and explosive performance if done prior to a workout.  However, after a workout, blood flow and vascularity to...
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