Keep Focus: Run On

Keep Focus: Run On

Our Run On program now consists of two options for service.

The first option is our original program, which consists of a musculoskeletal exam and slow-motion video analysis of your treadmill run. The video analysis is listed below.  This option is designed with a one-to-one ratio, therapist to patient, and is scheduled for one hour. The assessment includes an individualized print out of specific exercises addressing problem areas identified in the exam.

Our second option is a treadmill running video analysis and assessment only. This option is a 45 minute, 1 on 1 appointment consisting of a treadmill warm-up walk as needed, followed by a 6-minute run, and then continued run while back, side and potentially front views are recorded.

Following the run, detailed analysis is provided examining these portions of your run:

  • Vertical displacement
  • Arm swing
  • Torso orientation
  • Initial contact/landing
  • Foot strike pattern
  • Knee flexion at contact and mid stance
  • Hip stability at initial contact
  • Dynamic knee alignment
  • Midstance pronation
  • Heel rise

Patients choosing this option will take home written analysis as well, and, if needed, additional information and/or footwear selection will be issued.


Both programs are cash-based programs. Please call for scheduling and pricing.