Redcord Neurac

Research shows that pain, injury and inactivity can disrupt the body’s neuromuscular system and alter the ability to turn on proper muscles at the right time. This leads to decreased muscle control and strength, causing compensations and abnormal movement patterns. This cycle eventually leads to more breakdown, pain and restriction in the body.

PhysioFocus is excited to introduce Redcord Neurac treatments. Neurac stands for Neuromuscular Activation, which is an active treatment method that combines bungee-assisted suspension exercises with different levels of neuromuscular stimulation. Neurac works to reverse this pain cycle and reactivate a person’s neuromuscular system in a completely painless manner.

Using the Redcord, the physical therapist will assess deficits and abnormal movement strategies contributing to the root cause of the pain. After the dysfunction is identified, the bungee-assistance system is used with exercise to overload the neuromuscular system. The bungees offer a weightless environment to correctly perform the movement pattern without pain or compensation. Body weight is slowly added to the routine as proper control is restored.

We are the first Physical Therapy clinic to bring Redcord to Charlotte. We offer one hour individualized sessions to assess and identify the cause of pain and provide treatment. Our therapists are trained on Redcord and using the technique to treat all musculoskeletal disorders and all types of orthopedic surgeries. Furthermore, Redcord Neurac has shown to improve strength, stability and balance for those suffering from neurological conditions.

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