What is Sportsmetrics?

Sportsmetrics is the 1st ACL injury prevention program developed to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in females. The ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament helps to keep the knee aligned when performing activities such as jumping, twisting, cutting or kicking. It is important to note, female athletes, are 6-10 times more likely than male athletes to tear their ACL while playing a sport.

Sportsmetrics uses neuromuscular retraining progressing from simple drills to multidirectional drills. Sportsmetrics decreases the risk of injury and increases athletic performance. More specifically the program focuses on increasing hamstring strength and training athletes on how to land safely after a jump or cut. Sportsmetrics programs can be complete in 6 weeks and end with a video sports risk analysis to ensure athletes have progressed properly. Each session includes dynamic warm-up, plyometrics/jump training, speed and agility, high-intensity strength training and flexibility training.

Breakdown of Sportsmetrics
  • Dynamic Warm Up:
    • Functionally based activities similar to sport specific motions used to raise core body temperature and increase blood flow to muscles. Dynamic warm up helps to improve balance, coordination and flexibility.
  • Plyometrics/Jump Training:
    • The core of the Sportsmetrics program is jump training. In this phase of the program, athletes work on the development of muscle control and strength needed to increase jump height and decrease the risk of a knee injury. As athletes conquer the correct jump technique they are progressed to the next phase in jump training.
  • Speed and Agility:
    • In this phase athletes sprint and cut using proper form and alignment. This phase is used to condition the body.
  • High Intensity Strength Training:
    • This phase allows athletes to work on increasing muscle efficiency and core strength.
  • Flexibility Training:
    • At the end of the program athletes stretch to decrease post training soreness.



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