I have been a runner the majority of my life. If you love running, you will understand how devastating it can be to be told you should not run anymore. I did have to take a few months off due to a knee injury, but was determined to find a way back to at least a few runs a week. For the past two years, I have been to several reputable physical therapists in Charlotte to treat the 6mm chondral defect (cartilage injury) in my left knee. I had moderate success, but I was not seeing the results that I felt like were achievable. Very frustrated, I went back to my orthopedic surgeon and he recommended Katie Cusack at PhysioFocus. Let’s just say I wish I had met her a very long time ago. She has been the BIGGEST game changer in the treatment of my injury and in so many other ways. She is unlike any other physical therapist I have seen before in that she gives each patient a custom treatment designed to suit their particular injury. Unlike a lot of other physical therapists, there is not a cookie cutter approach to her treatment. Depending on your injury, she does a complete assessment to see where you may be weak and explains exactly why certain areas need to be strengthened in order for you to see the results that you desire at the location of your injury.
In addition to her detailed and personal attention to your specific injury, she has access to cutting edge equipment to use on her patients such as using laser treatments instead of the ordinary ultrasound treatments. I saw much faster results from her laser than I had with the ultrasound treatment I had received before. She stays informed on the most current research and treatments that are available so that she may offer those to her patients. She also uses a fabulous manual treatment called Mulligan’s Technique and I was amazed by how quickly that treatment resulted in improvements to my particular injury. I was able to regain full knee extension with a few of her Mulligan’s treatments which I never thought that was possible. I was amazed and thrilled to say the least.
Katie provides her patients with a one on one treatment process where I feel you gain the most results in a session. Katie never gave up on me when other physical therapists had told me that there was only so much that they could do for me. She goes above and beyond in finding creative and innovative methods to treat even the most challenging situations and her enthusiasm and determination are contagious. You will want to do the homework and work hard to see the results because you will want to get better, but also because you know she cares and truly wants to see you back to your active lifestyle. Your goals are her goals and she is the only reason I am back to my 45 minute runs which are my happy place. I am forever grateful to Katie!

Celeste Hudson,