Standing Posture

You petitioned your boss to get a standing desk at work. Awesome! Long gone are the days where you are confined to the chair that you have been sitting in for so long that the cushion has molded to your rear end. Freedom! You are now the envy of your workplace as you tower above your seated colleagues perched in their cubicles. But be careful, all that standing may come with a cost!

Improper prolonged standing posture can be just as harmful to the body as sitting in a slumped position. The benefits of standing allow you to pull yourself out of a slumped position and move those hips to the beat of your favorite Pandora station. Much more fun than sitting in one place right?!

Just be careful of staying in one position for too long or you might end up looking like this guy!


Here are some things that tend to happen when you don’t watch your standing posture:

  • Hips shift forward which pushes all your weight against your ligaments
  • Lower back starts to arch and belly pokes forward (not flattering)
  • All that weight shifting forward puts more pressure on the knees
  • Upper back starts to slump and shoulders become more rounded

All of these things result in increased strain on your body and can lead to injuries throughout the body. It is important to maintain a good upright trunk posture whenever you have to stand for long periods of time throughout the day.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your belly button drawn in towards your spine to keep your back supported and not arching backward
  • Stand tall and proud! Don’t let your body collapse on itself.

Go ahead and move those feet; standing in one spot for too long can put a lot of pressure on your knees and feet

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